broad scalloped fleshy leaves with little light green/white buds

by David
(Chicago, IL. USA)

I purchased this little guy at the market. when i got home i realized it was without an identification label... i would like to know what kind of plant i have so i can properly care for it. i'm not even sure it is a succulent, but it has nice thick fleshy leaves.

it has scalloped thick leaves around the base of the plant, and little light green buds that seem to turn a pale green/ white color as they open. it is about 6 inches tall.

thank you!

Drought Smart Plants reply: These are indeed a succulent plant - they are known botanically as Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, or Flaming Katy - not really a good name for this one with the white flowers, but they also come in bright pink, orange, yellow and red as well.

They have been highly hybridized by plant breeders as they naturally bloom in the winter after they get a warm summer with some cooler nights as fall arrives. This triggers the flower buds to form, which then open starting in November, making them an ideal Christmas plant.

You can see more about these interesting plants here: Kalanchoe species; scroll down through the visitor submissions at the bottom of the page for some interesting and useful information and more views of similar plants.

For general succulent care look here; these plants are very forgiving, and should bloom continuously for a few months, if you cut off the fading blooms, fertilize lightly, and give bright light.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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