bright red (and unknown) echeveria

by Stephen
(San Francisco, CA)

Saw this intensely red echeveria at Succulent Extravaganza at Succulent Gardens in Castroville, CA in Sept 2014. It was planted in the "Echeveria Extravaganza” garden designed by Julia Bell of Bell & Flourish Design. I've been totally unable to ID this plant. The leaf shape makes me think it might be an echeveria subrigida hybrid??

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Nov 28, 2014
Gotta be it!
by: Jacki

I'm thinking you're exactly right. These are pretty distinctively shaped leaves. There are several named cultivars, and one called 'Fire And Ice' is also called the Red Edge Echeveria. You can see more about them here on Dave's Garden Website.

Other sources say this about the plant;

"It forms 9 inch tall by 18 inch wide rosettes of wide spade-shape blue-green leaves that are deeply channeled and have smooth margins that often are highlighted with pink or rose tones."

And this from another;

"One of the largest plants of the species is among the most spectacular with deeply funneled, smooth edged leaves. The colors change with the season, with purples, pinks and blues appearing."

That pretty much clinches it for me, because of that color change. I would say that in different conditions you would see more or less of these fantastic pinks and reds, depending on the drought (which there is going on in California right now) and temperature differences in the fall.

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