bright orange flower heads

by capt kim
(carrabelle, fl)

thick green leaves with long stalks of everblooming orange flowerheads

Drought Smart Plants reply: Well, don't that one just knock your socks off!?

I thought when I first saw this that it's got to be some kind of orchid based on the leaves, with the aerial roots so that might be something to check out. Other than that, I'm not familiar with it at all.

Gorgeous plant, though! Whatever you're doing it's really liking!


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May 02, 2012
it is pretty!
by: capt kim

It still looks the same! I have taken a shoot off the bottom and started it in some seed starter with potting mix. Ill have to go back to south florida and ask the retailer!
keep up the good work ya all!

May 03, 2012
by: Felan

I do believe it is an orchid, I've seen one very similar in an orchid display at a botanical garden.

May 03, 2012
by: captkim

will try and hunt it down!

Jun 25, 2012
by: Sammy

I think this is lantana.

Jun 26, 2012
ddefinately not lantana
by: capt kim

it is a crucifix orchid. Still blooming too!!
I need to find some more of these!!

Sep 24, 2012
by: Todd

Epidendrum radicans, an orchid.

Feb 03, 2013
Epidendrum radicans
by: Ann

These orchids are very common here in California. They grow year round outdoors.

Feb 03, 2013
great addition
by: Bill

really a great specimen. It is still blooming nearly a year later! I bought 2 small plants and now I have 6!!

Apr 11, 2016
what is this plant
by: Rich

What is this plant by name?

Apr 12, 2016
Ann said it...
by: Jacki

Hi Rich, Ann has named the orchid as Epidendrum radicans, known commonly as the Crucifix Orchid. Read through the previous comments for more.

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