Bought at Home Depot, not sure of type, want to make sure they're healthy...

by Liz
(New York)

The tallest one has firm leaves and a firm stem. The medium one, with brown on the edges - the outer leaves are a bit squishy, but the interior ones are firm.

The smallest one is clearly suffering - some of the leaves have come off. The smaller, flowering leaves are all dried up and seem to be dead (it came this way).

I've been watering them gently once a week, and bought a grow light that turns on automatically for 6 hours a day (spaced out - 2 hours on, 1 hour off, 2 hours on, etc...).

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Feb 13, 2015
by: Jacki

Thank you for being honest. There are a few things that you're doing wrong, so I'll outline those and tell you why your care is doing more damage than good.

First, the soil is all wrong for succulents. Also please make sure that there actually is soil; I've seen succulents actually GLUED on to some kind of foam, which is then covered with bark or other mulch. These poor things won't grow, no matter what kind of care they receive.

Second, that sort of light regime will confuse them more than help them. The light should be ON for 12 hours, OFF for 12. Period.

Third, all things being equal and there actually being any kind of soil in the pot, tiny sips of water once a week are not the right way to water. A good dunking, after which the soil is allowed to almost dry out completely is the only way that these kinds of plants will appreciate. They are not like other plants.

See more about succulent care here.

The plants are Jade Plant, Sedum nussbaunianum and some other kind of Sedum (I think).

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