Blushing Bromeliad

by Ahmed Shehata

Its a one piece plant the leaves and the central flower....

Drought Smart Plants reply: What a great description! This is a bromeliad, which are very interesting jungle plants.

They tend to have really weak roots, as they get their nutrition from a 'vase' or water reservoir which attracts insects which fall in, and the plant gets fed by the release of the rotting bugs. Kind of gross, but kind of interesting too.

These grow in tree branches in tall trees, perched high up, so they get water from the rain, and lots of light, although they do best in dappled shade, or filtered curtain shade in your house. They also require high humidity, and this is the most difficult dual conditions to achieve.

Only use distilled water or rainwater, as these plants are sensitive to salts and minerals, such as that in tap water, or water that has gone through a softening unit.

There are many kinds; this one seems to me to be a Neoregelia, or blushing bromeliad, called this as the leaves closest to the center turn red or pink as the plant gets ready to bloom. The flower itself is not showy, and is nestled deep inside the crown of the plant.


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