Blue/Purple plant

by Rachel

Purple/Blue plant

Purple/Blue plant

Hello again,

I also have this beautiful plant that has outgrown the pot, but I LOVE this plant and the pot and the plant match so beautifully so I would like to keep it in this pot.

If I "behead" it, could I put the "flowering" part with new "cacti compost," in the same pot, or would I need to throw that part out and wait for the "stem" to regrow the leaves again? Thanks!!!

Oh, by all means, behead it, and just put fresh soil in the container, and set the rosette on the top of it. That's the best part, so don't discard it!

The base part could produce some more smaller baby rosettes that will eventually grow big enough, but that will be a much longer term project.

You haven't asked, but this is one of my favorite Echeveria, Perle von Nurnberg.

Have fun with your project; just take a deep breath, and plunge in. You'll be so surprised and proud of yourself when it works out, you'll wonder why you hesitated!


Learn how to behead your own succulents:

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Jul 21, 2013
Thank you.
by: Rachel

Thanks so much!

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