Bird of Paradise plant

by Yvon 35214 Blais
(Agawam, Mass.)

We live in Massachusetts. I had a BOP plant growing outside. Can I dig up the rootball and save the rhizomes over the winter to plant them in the Spring? Any special instructions? This I do with our elephant ears plants and they thrive. Can I expect the same from the BOP?

Hi Yvon, I'm pretty sure that you could treat a bird of paradise this way without a problem. I've had one for a long time that spends the summer outdoors (in a big pot) and is brought in for the winter every fall. During the winter, it doesn't get much water, so I know that they are really drought tolerant. It does get some light, although not direct natural light or very close to the fluorescents.

I would say the most important thing to remember is to check it periodically for pests (scale, especially can be a real problem with these plants if they spend any time outside).

Best of luck,

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