Bird Bath Garden...

Will that be miniature? Or succulents?

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Don't give up on your cracked or damaged stone or concrete bird bath; they make perfect bird bath gardens.  Fill it with succulents, trailing over the edge, or make it into a miniature garden.

Bird Bath Gardens...

Two of the winners of the Best Succulent Containers contest have been bird baths, made into spectacular planters.  Follow their lead, and make your own.

Annie's succulent gardenHardy succulents planted in a concrete bird bath for a planter

Because the soil is so shallow, it's important to make sure to choose appropriate plants - those with shallow roots and able to withstand drought are best.

Something draping over the edges gives the impression of water - here, Dichondra is used for that effect.

Shoes salvaged off the beach (including a diving boot!) are overflowing with succulents, including Sempervivum.  Shells complete the theme.

Got junk?  Don't pitch it; re-use it...

See how Sensible Gardening and Living got inspired to re-create this birdbath into a planter...

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