Best Succulent Containers

Grow your Favorite Succulents in a Patio or Deck Planter

The best succulent containers are low maintenance, drought tolerant and stunning. Planting them is easy, with the right selection of plants and soil.

Best Succulent Containers - imagination, inspiration and tips... Gardening | Succulents

Growing succulents and planting them in interesting, funky, unique containers is one of the fastest growing ways of enjoying your garden, providing bright colours and interesting textures on a sun drenched patio.

Many gardeners only have a small garden or deck, so container gardening can add valuable gardening space.

Find out what's the best container gardening soil.

I have so much fun finding rustic salvage to make into planters, making succulent crafts, a succulent topiary or succulent mosaic, or using unusual thrift store finds to plant these incredible plants in. 'Trash into Treasure' is my new motto.

Still looking for more ideas for which containers for succulents to use?

Get some great ideas on Organized Clutter...

Organized Clutter has some great ideas...

Fortunately, I’m not alone in this addiction – many gardeners are obsessed with finding new ways to display their succulent collection.

We're also in luck that most gardeners love to brag about their ideas and inspiration in finding those unique planters, pots, and containers - you won't believe what some people plant their succulent collection into...

Rules for the Best Succulent Containers Contest:

  • You must have fun.

The winner of the Best Succulent Containers Contest 2011
  • Please tell us all the juicy details - gardeners like as much information as possible.
  • Your container must contain at least one succulent plant of any description – choose from hardy Sedum, Sempervivum or tender succulents.
  • Containers can be any size, from thimble sized up.
  • Imagination and inspiration count – no copied or plagiarized pictures please.

We had so much fun with the contests - find out who won the Best Succulent Containers Contest 2012 - and see the previous one. Here's one from 2013 - don't miss the next one; sign up for Xeria E-Zine for any announcements:

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