Best Succulent Containers Contest 2016

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It's been a couple of years since we had a contest - I think it's time to change that!  Welcome to the Best Succulent Containers Contest for 2016.

Best Succulent Containers Contest 2016

Here's where you fill your favorite pot with succulents, let them grow a bit, then brag it up right here. 

There is no judging, just a whole lot of showing off.  So get your thinking cap on, and get creative. 

There is no limit to what you can imagine to plant with succulents; use some junk, or a funny hat, or some boots - whatever you like. See previous contests for some ideas; 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Have a look at the rules before you post, and above all, have fun!

It's time!

Are you ready to brag? Let's get going - if your succulent containers are unique, unusual, funky and eyepopping, we want you!

Other avid succulent gardeners have shared their great planters below;

Join in the fun; which is your fave?

Hens and Chicks Footwear 
Not sure where my wife got the idea to confiscate a pair of her brothers shoes as a home for the hens and chicks. Maybe we were out of old coffee pots …

Broken Terra Cotta Pot Project 
What do you do with a huge terra cotta pot that is cracked; cracks too large to hold anything major in the pot! Hmmmm...I also had numerous shards …

Carol's Fabulous Strawberry Pot Not rated yet
Carol has given me permission to use her gorgeous pictures of this strawberry pot, complete with the plants spilling out of the holes in the side. …

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