Best Succulent Containers Contest 2013

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Back by popular demand - the Best Succulent Containers Contest especially for those thoroughly addicted succulent gardeners; brag up your favorite combination of plants, in your thoughtfully planted weird, unusual and different container. 

The winner!  But even if you didn't win, there's still something for you!

Share your unique ideas to display your tender succulent plants and whatever else fits into the category of 'succulent plant' - they can be hardy Sedum or Sempervivum, the hens and chicks, or mix and match; then choose, combine, and create.

Rustic salvage, and funky planters made from hypertufa, driftwood, glass or any other material recombined and upcycled are where it's at lately; think outside the box, use your imagination!

Sign up and watch for the announcement in Xeria.

There aren't many rules, but please check them out here: Best Succulent Containers.

The waiting is over!  The judges needed some time to tabulate all the votes, inspect closely all the entries, and then will make their decision.  Our winner is Planting Succulents, by Brenda.  She's done a beautiful job in combining succulents and other drought tolerant plants in some unique and interesting ways.  Well done, Brenda!  I'll be contacting you to check your preference of prizes, so watch for that.

If you haven't already, go and sign up for the Xeria E-Zine for the next contest.

Other avid succulent gardeners have shared their great planters below;

Join in the fun; which is your fave?

Whimsical birdbath fairy succulent garden :) 
I have an old cracked birdbath that still leaked despite trying to seal the cracks. So I decided to use it as a planter instead! I thought succulents …

Planting Succulents 
I've been planting succulents for years in my garden using lots of different large containers. I love their easy care and texture they add to my garden. …

Dearly Repotted 
My designs are made with love.. and very little money - thrift stores and cuttings go a LONG WAY! I like to put designs together in any price range. …

12 Fun Ways to Plant Hen and Chicks (Semperivums) 
I recently did a post on my blog about the versatile little succulents Sempervivums. Here are a few of my favorites. Link here: A Dozen Fun Ways to …

Ice Plants 
Reminding me of a coral plants blooming in a partailly buried strawberry favorite this year. Oh, Diane, very cute! These are …

I just love the way they look... natural in wicker baskets! A vintage grape vine basket that I've had for years... .. .

Window succulents 
Made the container for the succulents out of chair rail border and scrap wood.

I love my pots of succulants... 
...they give a lovely show all year around and change shape all of the time while growing. I started with a very few succulants and have gradually potted …

Love these head planters!!! So elegant....make different 'hair' pieces with succulents and sedums!! 
Hardy Hens and Chicks make an elegant yet funky head piece for these head planters. They are so cool paired up or individually placed around the garden …

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