Best Succulent Containers Contest 2012

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...and the winner is:

Rustic Galvanized Bathtub - see more; click here

Rustic Galvanized Bathtub

It's that time again - presenting the winner of the Best Succulent Containers Contest 2012.

Diana wins the prize and bragging rights and you can get inspired by the funky, unique and rustic ways that other gardeners show off their prized succulent plant collection.

Find some unique ideas to display your Echeveria, tender Sedum, Pachyveria, Crassula and whatever else fits into the category of 'succulent plant' - they can be hardy Sedum or Sempervivum, the hens and chicks, or mix and match; then choose, combine, and create.

The contest is now closed for 2012 - enter the Best Succulent Containers Contest 2013 - and look for more announcements in Xeria

There aren't many rules, but please check them out here: Best Succulent Containers.

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See the other entries below:

Rustic Galvanized Tub  
One day my husband was helping to rip down an old farm house. In the attic he found an old galvanized metal bathtub. He knew I would be delighted with …

Tufa Sculpture 
I create tufa "sculpture" troughs: one-of-a-kind, free-form, "art pots"... crafted specifically to showcase & enhance the unique & interesting shapes, …

Haworthia Hair 
Haworthia bolusii var. blackbeardiana growing in a decorative pot that I purchased at Bach's Cactus Nursery in Tuscon, Arizona some years ago. This Haworthia …

Hypertufa Head 
I made this head from hypertufa a few years back. I planted some hens and chicks and ignored it. It requires NO mantinence!

Mother n Daughter shoes 
Ok, I know it's been done before but I had to share my Mother and Daughter shoe gardens. Mom passed away last year and I found her old red shoes that I …

I got tired of this unused birdfeeder hangin out in my garage. My husband wouldn't let me toss it away sooooo I asked him if I could have it........and, …

New Life for 60's Vintage Lamp 
I found this old plastic lamp in my Mom's attic when she passed away last year. Right away bells went off in my head to turn it into a planter. I removed …

Grilling Thyme 
I found this old BBQ and decided to fill it with drought-hardy plants. The bottom of the grill is filled with various sized stones, then a layer of …

Recycled Wine/Beer Bottle Planters  
These bottles are so pretty, I wanted to do something pretty with them instead of throwing them away. My favorite is the large jug; people always asks …

Recycled Light Bulb Hanging Planters  
I live in a very small space, so I've been trying to come up with low-maintenance, inexpensive, space-saving plant containers. Succulents are obviously …

Hens and Chicks filled boot with elephant trunk plant. 
Here is my dad's old work boot filled with his hens and chicks. All I did was take a knife and cut out long slit like holes where I wanted to plant …

The Tiki's! 
Had a set luau lights go bad and was bummed about throwing away the light covers. After some thought came up with this fun creation. Drought Smart …

Hypertufa Pinch Pots example succulent containers 
I've been lucky to find other like minded gardeners to show me how to make some really creative and rustic planters for my hardy succulents. Hypertufa …

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