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banana trees

Would planting banana trees near south windows provide shade from the sun to help reduce my cooling bill? Also, how to prevent them from multiplying into the neighbor's yard?

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Feb 14, 2011
by: Jacki

Obviously you must live in a warm climate where banana trees (Musa genus) are hardy. I would choose a type that doesn't get huge, as some of them - those used to produce fruit - can reach heights of over 3 meters. Some of the varieties developed for ornamental purposes may be smaller. Ideally, they would be tall enough to shade the windows and partially the roof.

If you're worried that they might become an invasive nuisance, contain the plants in a concrete planter, either above ground or buried to prevent them spreading. You can also bury a sheet of metal to prevent the roots from traveling.

I wasn't aware that this is a problem, there may be other ways to deal with it.

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