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Raise your own home poultry flock

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The steep learning curve of raising your own Bantams or laying hens is fun, but sometimes a bit tedious - and pretty scary.

In this e-book, you can find out interesting ways of cutting the corners that don't matter, and learn which parts of raising your home poultry flock are essential to your success - and the birds happiness.

Find all the information you need on these fascinating topics:

  • Feeding Chickens to give them the best and most nutritious feed.
  • What on earth is a Chicken Herbarium and how to make one.
  • Utilizing Chicken Pen Compost in your organic vegetable garden.
  • How to manage The Broody Bantam Hen including
  • Breaking a Broody Bantam Hen (it's not as bad as it sounds);
  • Collecting Eggs for Hatching (I'll help you every step of the way, including which eggs NOT to use);
  • Raising Chicks that will be happy and healthy; and most importantly,
  • Grafting Chicks onto a Broody Hen to let her do all the heavy lifting, while you just enjoy.

You'll find all that and more, like why you should give serious consideration to using the Deep Litter Method in your Chicken Coop to make Chicken House Compost;

The advantage of Chicken Tractors and how they protect your precious birds from predators, and the neighbors dog;

Learn more about Bantam Roosters and why you need them and why you want them - their charm and character is only part of it;

These two chapters The Egg Hatching Troubleshooting Guide and the Egg Development Guide (exclusively written for this e-book after many queries from chicken fanciers) are included.

Whether you've raised chickens all your life as 4H projects or with a Young Farmers group, or feel the attraction to these interesting and characterful creatures later in life, it's easy to see why they are so fascinating.

Not only are Backyard Chickens easy to raise following these guidelines, they are interesting, beautiful and will amaze and surprise you with their antics.

Many a backyard chicken fancier has been spotted with a silly smile on their face, and a lawn chair pulled up to the pen to watch their 'birds'.

The rich fresh eggs they produce for your breakfast are an added bonus, and watching the mother hen with her chicks proudly ushering them around to find food is an all consuming passion with chicken lovers the world over.

Every sustainable gardener knows the value of the nutrient rich compost that chickens produce for their organic gardens, but did you know that a few Bantams or other smaller breeds can also be considered pet pest control? They do little damage to established plants, but wreak havoc on pest populations.

Find out how to start your Backyard Chicken raising with this e-book.

Download it instantly to your computer, and have access to it right away. These pages are not available anywhere else.  The cost of this exclusive e-book is $4.47:

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