Assorted new succulents

by Victoria



New succulents with no identification. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Hi Victoria, you have the start to a nice little collection!

Plant A is an Aeonium; this one is called 'Sunburst' because of the markings.

These are great plants, easy to grow and propagate. See more about them here: Aeonium.

If you scroll down through the stories about these plants, you'll find a picture of a plant a lot bigger than yours so you can see what it might eventually look like.

Plant B is a Crassula, I think this one goes by the name of 'Campfire' and you can see why. You can find out more about Crassula here.

Plant C is a variegated form of the Jade plant, which is also a Crassula, but known as C. ovata.

Hope that helps get you on track.


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Apr 07, 2013
Thank you
by: Victoria

Thanks so much for providing this information.

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