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Thanks so much!
by: Pon


Thanks so much for your clear and sound advice! It's really a relief (and glad to know that I can re-pot anytime instead of only spring). The separate-soak and repot regimen sounds like a good way to go. I unfortunately have to grow them indoors for the time being as I'm still a student and have no balcony or normal window with which to hang them out, but they are on an 8th floor window sill which gets lots of light (and I move them around a bit to get the best light) so hopefully that'll do for now.

Again, thanks a million- it's really a relief to get advice from someone with experience. The flower/plant shops in my area seem to all be run by florists who don't know what to do with plants (especially succulents) until they're already on their way to death in a vase.

All best,

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