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Meet my new Virtual Assistant

Andrew Lisle

You can't do it all yourself, once your business gets to a certain size.  I've got to that point, and I'm welcoming my new virtual assistant to the team.  Say hello to Andrew Lisle.

Andrew Lisle, Virtual Assistant

Andrew is a gardener from way back, and a bee keeper.  The honey the bees produce is gleaned from the many flowers in his garden.

Bee Keeping, one of Andrews favorite hobbies

Doing things the old fashioned way is great for some kinds of gardening - and it's very good exercise. 

Andrew likes to explore ancient methods that our great grand parents used to grow their own food. 

Taking care of overgrown meadows can be done with machinery, but it's so satisfying to use your own body to cut the grass.  Andrew shows great form with the scythe, and his goats like the cut grass once it's dried into hay.

Scything meadow grass

After all that hard work, even a strong person needs to rest and relax in a field of daisies. 

Andrew is going to take a nap now, but he'll be ready to answer your emails, research questions, and do all the other things a general factotum takes care of.  Welcome aboard, Andrew!

Andrew Lisle taking a well deserved nap

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