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Update January 2018; this program is no longer offered.

Looking to make some money with your website or blog? Join in the Affiliate Program here on Drought Smart Plants.

With several interesting and useful e-books to promote, you can make some money with your well trafficked site or blog in the gardening or landscaping niche. Post the images from your site to social media and get promoting!

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Join the Drought Smart Plants E-Book Affiliate Program

Once you join, you'll be redirected back to this page, where you can get banners and images to use with your affiliate links for the customer to purchase the e-books and courses on your site, and you will be credited with the sale.

Things you should know about this affiliate program:

Affiliates with this program will be paid within 4 weeks of the end of the month previous.

If you've earned commissions on sales of e-books from this site, you'll receive your payment by Paypal.

You will not receive payments if you buy the product for your own use. If you haven't received your payment, please don't hesitate to contact me; it's just a matter of me being busy and not checking the sales logs - don't take it personally.

Copy these images for your campaign;

Images are proven to convert sales very well.

Once you've signed up with the link above, you'll be redirected back to this page; right click on the image for the book you want to promote on your site, and choose 'save image as' and download it to your hard drive.

These pictures are 225 pixels wide and 600 pixels wide - feel free to use a photo editor to change the size to fit on your site.

Identify your Sempervivum Hens and Chicks with the What Kind of Sempervivum Is This E-Book - price is $9.99USD, affiliate share 50%;

What Kind of Sempervivum Is This E-Book
What Kind of Sempervivum is This E-Book

One of the most popular publications is the Succulent Plant Propagation E-Book. The retail price of this e-book is $9.99USD, affiliate share is 50%.

Succulent Plant Propagation E-Book 225 pixels
Succulent Plant Propagation 600 pixels

 Plant Pests E-Book is all about those icky little critters that eat our plants; more here.  Retail on this e-book is $9.99USD, affiliate share 50%.

Plant Pests E-Book 225 pixels
Plant Pests E-Book 600 pixels

The Xeriscaping with Succulents E-Book - there is more about it here.  Retail cost of this e-book is $9.99USD, affiliate share 50%.

Xeriscaping with Succulents E-Book 225 pixels
Xeriscaping with Succulents E-Book 600 pixels

The Hypertufa How To Manual is where to start making your own great garden art and containers.  The price is $9.99USD, affiliate share 50%;

Hypertufa How To Manual
Hypertufa How To Manual

There's more!  E-courses are now available too...

The Succulent Crafts E-Course is an autoresponder e-course, sent at one week intervals for a total of ten installments.  This is perfect for the busy gardener, as it gives enough time between to complete the craft, or explore it more. 

Here is more about this course; Succulent Crafts E-Course.  The retail cost of this course is $19.99USD, affiliate share 50%.

Here are some banners for this e-course for your site.

Succulent Crafts E-Course 225 pixels
Succulent Crafts E-Course 600 pixels

The Succulent Plant Business E-Course is an online course with intensive detail about choosing a niche, designing your workspace, growing the plants or planting containers and crafts to sell, where to look for your customers and much more. 

Succulent Plant Business Training Manual 225 pixels
Succulent Plant Business Training Manual 600

I hope you'll join with me in selling all these hard to find e-books and e-courses.  As far as I know, the e-books are all unique, there's nothing out there like them.

The e-courses are definitely special - these are completely different and unusual.  Get started now!

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