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a tall spire with sage green thick leaves that have a silvery dust and round ends not pointed.

by Philip D
(Central south Dakota)

Trying to identify this for my aunt. It has huge thick stem that tipped out of the pot then shot up about 28 inches. Very thick and solid leaves in a soft green with a powdery silver coating and round tips.

Hi Phillip, this is Kalanchoe thyrsiflora, which you can see more about here.

This plant is also known as Flapjacks, because of the way the leaves look like a stack of pancakes.

This plant looks like it needs a lot more light, that's why it's leaning over like that, so provide it with either a grow light or a really bright window, and turn it a quarter turn every couple of days to even it out. You can see more about pruning these plants here: how to prune succulents. This post by a visitor shows the same plant here.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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