A Handful of Hypertufa Hands from a Different Perspective

by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C.)

a different perspective

a different perspective

Here is the same little handful of hypertufa hands as this post from above so you can see the textures of all the little miniature Sempervivum.

Clockwise from the top are these lovely miniature species and varieties, nestled in the palm of each hand:

The bright green tiny one is a montanum species; there are many of these exquisite gems, growing happily in a crack in the mountain side, in a cliff or crevice, so they're well adapted to living in the hypertufa hand!

There is the very diminutive Sempervivum arachnoideum 'Hookeri' with the smallest rosettes of any Sempervivum, measuring less than half an inch across (2cm) with red tips on the lime green foliage.

The red grouping is most likely one of the arachnoideum species, out of the hundred or so that are part of my collection. I think this one could be 'Little Bobo' which is a rare named cultivar.

I think what is so appealing about these 'hands' is that they seem to be cuddling the little plants, as though nurturing them.

Who among us has never held plants in exactly that fashion when we're repotting or planting them?

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