A Bouquet

by Kelly
(Mill Hall)

I wanted to tell you that this site put a huge smile on my
face. I bought a cute Echeveria Haagai Tolimanensis at Lowes a few years ago and by some miracle have split it into 10 different plants.

I was so surprised to see baby plants growing and I was very proud of them. I wanted to spread the joy and give baby plants to friends and teachers this year for Christmas.

I needed more information and you provided it.

Thank you, Kelly

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Dec 22, 2010
Thank You!
by: Jacki

I know your friends and colleagues will love to receive your gifts of succulent plants - thank you for your nice comments; it's so great to know that I've helped provide useful information in my quest to convert as many gardeners as possible into succulent obsessed addicts!

Jan 11, 2011
Echeveria tolimanensis
by: Luther

Just a note that Echeveria haagai isn't an accepted species name but that E. tolimanensis is. The species was discovered over 50 years ago on the cliffs near Hidalgo, Mexico. It received an ISI distribution in 1984. It's main issues in cultivation is over-watering and careless handling (which causes the farina (white "bloom") to be rubbed off.

Jan 11, 2011
Clarification on naming
by: Jacki

Hi Luther, thanks for the clarification. Names of plants in general and especially Echeveria are all over the map and different forms of the same name are common. Glad to have you on board with your wealth of knowledge!

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