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October 01, 2021

October is the time of year (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) when you need to put things to bed - soft or tender succulents need to come indoors, and hardy succulents in crafts and containers get some special attention to help them survive the winter.

Craft projects such as wreaths or spheres can overwinter - with prior planning. There are several important factors in their survival, such as good drainage. They won't survive in wet or soggy conditions, whether it freezes or not.

C2 Prepare Your Succulent Containers for Winter
Get the e-book that tells you in detail how to bring your tender succulent plants indoors for the winter; winterizing-succulents-e-book.html
How do you know when you need to repot a succulent or any other plant in your collection? Get some tips and guidelines so you can keep your plants happy and healthy; how-to-know-when-to-repot.html
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