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Xeria e-Zine Q&A
May 04, 2022

The questions keep coming in - thanks to all who answered the call!

May 4 2022

David and his wife live in New Mexico, and are tossing around the idea of a 'succulent farm'. How cool would that be? Here's his question;

Just wanted(needed) to touch base about a future endeavor my wife and I are kicking around. We have an acre of cleared(dirt/sand)land here in Las Cruces and we are seriously thinking about succulent "farming". No too much info out there. Can you give us some pointers about starting up with an acre to use. Currently we have no greenhouse only some nice natural planting conditions. Is this something we can make a living at? Look forward to your response.

So here are some thoughts. New Mexico has the ideal climate for growing succulents; dry and mostly warmer. I'm not sure of the planting zone, that would be a good thing to know.

Also top of mind, is what is the water source? Will you be harvesting rainwater (the best kind of water!) or do you have a well? Does the well have minerals in it? Will you be filtering it before using it on your crops?

What will you grow? How will you sell your succulents? These questions will need to be answered, before planting anything.

Interestingly, I've already answered a lot of these questions in the Succulent Plant Business e-Book. The other e-books that I've written over the years are all included in this one, as well as some that have never been offered anywhere else. There is also the ever popular Winterizing Succulents e-Book, which used to be offered as an e-course. succulent-plant-business-e-book.html
I hope that's answered some of the questions you may have about producing succulents for a business. If you still need answers, you know what to do - simply reply to this email and ask me, or contact me (there's a link at the bottom of every page, in the footer, to the contact page.
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I hope you've enjoyed this issue of Xeria e-Zine! Any questions or suggestions are welcome. Don't forget, the Horticulturist is always in.

Happy Gardening,

Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist, Webmaster and Artisan

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