8" low growing sky blue succulent

by terry middleton
(swaffham, uk)

Succulent plant with blue foliage

Succulent plant with blue foliage

Survives any conditions except frost, hundreds of small fleshy globules up to half centimeter in size, thickly bunched. later in season will throw up larger leaved fleshy growths which even when torn off immediately root and start the process again.
Given this plant 25yrs ago as someone's throwout, I love it.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Terry, this is one of the Echeveria tribe - I don't know for sure which one, as this one seems to have two types of growth; some normal rosettes and then some 'monstrose' growth. There are many reasons for this type of fasciation, from a genetic mutation (which I suspect this is) to a virus from aphid infestation, to radiation (highly unlikely).

As you've been growing this great little plant successfully for 25 years, it's obviously a fairly stable mutation, unlike some which revert back to a normal growing rosette over time.

See the pages on succulent care and how to grow Echeveria for more tips and hints on how to keep it contented.

Happy Succulent Gardening!

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