8 Great Books On Succulents

by Katherine

Succulent Books in the library

Succulent Books in the library

If you’re a huge fan of succulents – caring for them, crafting them in a garden, and identifying its different species – then you can find your succulent fix in books. You heard right! There are tons of books out there that are dedicated to talking about succulents, and why they’re a beauty to behold.
So, why not fill your bookshelf today by checking out these 8 books on succulents? Let’s jump right in!

1. Succulents: The Ultimate Guide To Choosing, Designing, And Growing 200 Easy Care Plants – Robin Stockwell
“Robin Stockwell know how to talk succulents, as he offers readers a guide on knowledge and garden designs that involve the plant,” says William Boucaut, a succulent expert at Stateofwriting and Paperfellows. “In his book, you’ll find inspiration on how to use succulents in various projects.”
Such projects include:
• Landscaping
• Vertical gardens
• Everyday gardening, AND
• Indoor planters

2. Planting Designs For Cactus & Succulents – Sharon Asakawa
This book serves as inspiration for succulent enthusiasts looking to create more attractive succulent arrangements. Planting Designs for Cactus & Succulents specializes on giving advice on grouping succulents in a way that separates them from ordinary garden designs. With incredible insights from Sharon Asakawa, along with an easy-to-read format and illustrations, this book is a definite page-turner.

3. Succulents Simplified – Debra Lee Baldwin
Take it from the succulent expert, Debra Lee Baldwin! In this outstanding flagship book, Baldwin covers basically everything a beginner succulent gardener should know. With heavy emphasis on crafts, along with step-by-step guides on such projects, you’ll get the most out of the techniques that she has to offer, and ensure that these drought-resistant plants are spot-on.
So, if you’re an artsy type of gardener, or have a fetish for succulents, then this book is for you!

4. DIY Succulents – Tawni Daigle
When it comes to DIY books, DIY Succulents is your go-to book for finding more than 35 practical ideas for designing with succulents. In this book, Tawni Daigle takes you through each design idea, and how you can get your creative juices to work for you.
Some notable projects include:
• A living wreath
• A topiary succulent ball
• A birch log planter

5. Succulents – Cassidy Tuttle
Cassidy Tuttle understands the beauty of succulents – their unique shapes and colors, and their overall beautiful appearances – making them the most sought-out plants to have in one’s house. As such, Succulents are perfect for beginners and experts alike, thus acting as a step-by-step guide on selecting, potting, and caring for plants ranging from cacti to aloe to echeveria.
Readers will enjoy the following from this book:
• Over 100 full-color snapshots of the most popular varieties of succulent plants
• 16 craft projects with how-to steps and color photos
• Advice on choosing pots and planters, repotting, and pairing various species
• An easy-to-read index of succulents by color and height

6. Australian Succulent Plants – Attila Kapitany
“Attila Kapitany’s take on succulent planting is a fresh change from conventional attitudes and ideas about the flora,” says Stella Stockdill, a writer at Essayroo and OXessays. “Australian Succulent Plants covers over 100 species from forty genera, many of which aren’t covered in other books on succulents. With short descriptions and clear illustrations, readers will be enticed by how much Kapitany knows about succulents, and will read every page until the end.”

7. Hardy Succulents: Tough Plants For Every Climate – Gwen Moore Kelaidis
If you live in almost desert-like climates or snowy plates, but still want to enjoy the beauty that can come from succulents, then you’re in luck! In this book, Gwen Moore Kelaidis shows you how you can have types of succulents – i.e. cacti – for every climate, including deserts and snowy places! You’ll be surprised to know that some species of succulents don’t mind the heat or snow!

8. Succulents: An Illustrated Guide – Terry Hewitt
Terry Hewitt carries over 25 years of experience when it comes to running a commercial nursery. So, in this book, you’ll know that you’re in good hands.
In Succulents: An Illustrated Guide, Hewitt shows beginners how to get started on growing succulents, while providing a wealth of pictures as a means to identify each species. So, whether you treat this book as one to snuggle up with at night, or something to read on a coffee break, then you’re not missing out on anything!

So, if you’re in the mood to read a good book, and learn more about succulents, then check out one or all 8 of these great books that are dedicated to the plant. We hope that you take more inspiration from the books listed. Happy reading!

Katherine Rundell is a writer and editor at Essay Services and Academic Writing Services. She is also a proofreader at Do My Essay. As a gardening writer, she blogs about a variety of flowers and plants, including succulents.

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