4 Simple & Adorable Succulent Decoration Ideas

by Janie
(San Diego)

Succulent Terrarium

Succulent Terrarium

Succulents are the perfect plants for me: they are extremely easy to care for and therefore also suitable for someone without a green thumb. I will show you which decorative ideas we have come up with succulents and hope to be able to inspire one or more of you.

The plant trend around succulents is currently omnipresent on Pinterest - in all variations. One reason for this is their rather undemanding nature. Because: whether inside or outside, they forgive even if they are not watered for a long time. They are also robust to hardy. But they should not only be easy to care for, they should also look good. And they definitely do!

Stylish, simple and with a lot of charm. I am happy to show you right at the beginning how you can decorate cozy and beautiful corners, tables and walls with various succulents in your interior.

Succulent Terrarium

Glass vases in various sizes, shapes and styles can be easily transformed into succulent eye-catchers in combination with succulents.

Materials Required

• Glass vases of various sizes
• Expanded clay
• Cactus soil
• Fertilizer
• Succulents
• Small spray bottle


It is advisable to drain all of the following creations, i.e. to ensure that the excess water can drain from the soil. Succulents don't like to have wet feet. In plant pots, the water can usually drain through a hole in the bottom. Since our glass jars have no holes in the bottom, we fill the bottom layer with expanded clay. Then we fill the respective container up to a few centimeters below the edge with cactus soil, in which we then plant our succulents.

Voila! The only thing left to do is to find the perfect place for the succulent terrarium.

Another tip that applies to all the creations in this article: In order that your succulents get off to a good start in their new home, they can be fertilized a little. You can use a small spray bottle for this. Fill three quarters of the spray bottle with water and only add a quarter of fertilizer to make a diluted solution.

Succulent Wreath

Another great decorative element that embellishes doors or walls is a simple succulent wreath that creates a dreamlike atmosphere in every room.

Materials Required

• Bamboo hoops or various other rings (e.g. rattan, wire hoop)
• Tapes
• Ribbons
• Wire
• Succulent shoots from succulents
• Various decorations such as jute twine, snail shells, etc.
• Terracotta pots


Since we use plants without roots for our succulent wreath, these must first be cut off. In order that the root balls can survive and form a plant again, you can put them in small terracotta pots or wrap them in jute twines.

The succulents can now be wrapped with wire and attached to the ring. This works best if you don't work alone.

Since I decided to decorate only part of the hoop with succulents, I knotted pretty ribbons on another section of the hoop. But there are no limits to the decorations anyway.

To ensure that decorative elements glued on can adhere better to the hoop (such as our shells from the last beach vacation), I recommend wrapping the ring in the relevant sections with jute twine. This can be glued with hot glue or super glue.

Outdoor Succulent Table

A table decoration with succulents gives every table a lot of character. Even the garden table under the open sky.

Materials Required

• Glass vases
• Terracotta pot of various sizes
• Expanded clay
• Cactus soil
• Jute mesh
• Succulents


I find the table decoration most beautiful when the succulents are arranged in very different containers. So, I planted glass jars and terracotta pots of various sizes with different succulents. Again, it is important to think of a drainage for the vessels without a hole, that is, to fill in a layer of expanded clay as a "base" before filling in the cactus soil. Next is to decide which plant should be planted in which vessel.

In the next step, lay out the tablecloths. The table decoration comes into its own on a white tablecloth and a jute mesh in the middle of the table underlines the harmonious decoration. Then arrange the glass vases and terracotta pots alternately. The festive table decoration is ready. Now you are ready to welcome your guests!

Succulent Box

What else excites me about succulents besides being easy to care for? With little effort you can achieve great results with great effects! Old wooden boxes filled with various types of succulents are, for example, a guaranteed eye-catcher for every stairwell, on house facades or in nondescript corners.

Materials Required

• Cactus soil
• fertilizer
• Wooden boxes in different sizes


First, different succulents have to be planted in terracotta pots and/or glass vases. Again, please do not forget the drainage: first expanded clay, then cactus soil and finally the succulents. Then place the pots and glasses in the wooden boxes in no particular order and finally spray with fertilizer.

Now all you have to do is find a good place.

Whoever succumbs to succulent fever like me can easily remove from the existing succulent shoots. All you have to do is cut off smaller shoots and place them in a terracotta pot filled with cactus soil, for example.

I wish you a lot of fun and hope that you will enjoy your undemanding but beautiful little plants very much!

Janie blogs for Succulent Alley and she loves succulents and cacti

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