3 Succulent Cuttings

by David Cheshire

Forms a small branching plant, was about 12inches high we had an accident with the original but I now have 3 cuttings which are doing fine. Each about 2 and a quarter inches across and about 2 and a half inches high. see photos.

Thank you

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi David, luckily, succulent plants in general are very forgiving of rough treatment, and this gives you an excellent opportunity to make more plants.

From the pictures, I think what you might have is some type of Aeonium, which in my opinion are some of the nicest and most beautiful of all succulent plants. They form a very well behaved rosette in varying sizes depending on the variety or species. Quite possibly, from the form of the leaves, you have Aeonium haworthia 'Kiwi' which will become evident if you have a warm bright window to keep it - watch for the most incredible colour change from plain old green to banana, mango and peach shades; spectacular!

Judging from the way the plants look in the pictures, they are very happy and growing well. Congratulations on becoming a collector of some of my favorite plants!

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