3 differents succulents in a pot

by Manon
(Paris, France)

I got them for christmas but I can't identify them :(
The rosette looking one on the left is two plants: the one at the bottom is stable but the one on the top had flowers and lost many leaves from its bottom. They have a velvet-like surface.
Thank you so much for helping me!

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Feb 24, 2015
A Mixed Bag
by: Jacki

The bright green one is Crassula 'Goblin Fingers' (sometimes also listed as Crassula 'Smeagol' after the character in Lord of the Rings). You can see more about this genus here.

The two fuzzy ones are some kind of Echeveria - there are several that it could be, and these are what I refer to as 'shrubby' kinds. They tend to grow in a multi stem form, rather than a rosette.

Here is one of them; Echeveria set-oliver.

There are several different kinds, most of them hybrids between two species, pulvinata and setosa, so maybe search out those two and their crosses.

The little tiny one is too hard to see, sorry.

Hope that helps, and here's more on how to grow them

Feb 24, 2015
3rd Item in the pot
by: Trina

Hi. I believe the succulent under the Echeveria is called Anacampseros rufescens.

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