21 Unique Succulent Planters Page 3

The third and final page - 7 more great ideas

Succulent plants love the bright light, warm days and long hours of daylight of summer, and seem to glow with health in these conditions.  If you're doing it right, you'll have lots of new young plants that beg to be shown off in odd and unusual planters;

21 Unique Succulent Planters; odd and unusual ways to grow succulent plants...page three

Recycled junk, thrift store finds and weird objects that you find in the dump; these are to me, treasure.  I take odd bits of what is otherwise trash, and make it into something beautiful.  Hand made out of hypertufa, weathered barn board or just something from a garage sale; these are what I value the most - I get a lot of satisfaction out of things like these;

Fence Post PlanterOld Cedar Fence Post Planter

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