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More and more ideas - there are endless ways to get into the vibe.  Refurbishing, recycling, combining two or more unlikely items to make a fabulous planter, or getting right down to the nitty gritty and building your own; whichever way you choose to give your succulent plants an interesting and different home, it will be totally unique.

21 Unique Succulent Planters; odd and unusual ways to grow succulent plants...page two

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The pump just needs priming - others have gone before you, and discovered some really fun ways to display these great plants.  With their lack of maintenance and low care requirements, you can use all kinds of things that would never support the growth of other kinds of plants.

Snail shells found at the beach...Finally, they have a home...snail shells can be planted with a tiny Sempervivum
Fortunately, they make ideal succulent plantersFortunately, they make ideal succulent planters

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