21 Unique Succulent Planters

Summer - just what succulents love...

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Succulent plants love the bright light, warm days and long hours of daylight of summer, and seem to glow with health in these conditions. 

If you're doing it right, you'll have lots of new young plants that beg to be shown off in odd and unusual planters;

21 Unique Succulent Planters

This collection of the strange and unusual planters I've found on the web might just give you some ideas; think outside the box, and always stay alert for those containers that might not at first seem too usable for planting them into. 

Succulents fortunately don't need lots of soil or water, so shallow containers suit them just fine.

Barnacles filled with succulents?  How cool is that?

Cow Skull Sempervivum

Or a weathered cow skull, overrun with Sempervivum

Vintage Blue Graniteware

Vintage Blue Graniteware, planted with Sempervivum and Sedum

Thrift Store Chafing Dish

Chafing dish found in the thrift store

Roots from the beach are perfect for succulent planters...

Root Planters from the beach or found on a walk in the woods...

Glass Fish Tank...

Succulents in a Glass Fish Tank

Hypertufa covers the old hair dressing sink...and One Hand Washes the Other...

One Hand washes the Other

There are more here...see page two and page three in this collection...

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