21 Charming Succulent Planters

Spring into a new season with some inspiration...

Succulent plants don't seem to be going away - that's a good thing.  They are some of the most interesting and fascinating plants to grow in funky planters; here is a round up of some charming ways to display your collection;

21 Charming Succulent Planters

Needing very little more than a tiny bit of soil, bright light and some benign neglect, succulents grown in rustic salvage, in wreaths or table centerpieces, mosaics will remain the backbone of your display all season. 

Start now, and have lots of interesting containers for your deck, in the garden as focal points, or even hanging on the fence. 

There is almost no limit to their versatility.

Recycled Chafing Dish made into a succulent planter

There are many shallow dishes and other unusual kitchen items to use for planters - just because they've outlived their usefulness in the kitchen, doesn't mean you can't give them yet another life as a succulent container. 

This chrome chafing dish has good drainage, and contains just the right amount of soil for Sempervivum and Sedum.

or this one from Garden Therapy...

Garden Therapy gives a full out tutorial here on this amazing Semper-viva Wreath.

Rustic recycled tool box...

Tool boxes can be recycled too. 

Old metal ones are best, planted with shallow drought tolerant plants.  Mulch them with lava rock or pebbles, or decorate them with some old screwdrivers!

The Gardening Cook has a good use for cowboy boots...

Cowboy boots are never out of style at The Gardening Cook...

Sensible Gardening and Living shows off some rustic barrels chock full of Sedum...

Rustic whiskey barrels are stunning at Sensible Gardening and Living

Vintage Silver Planters from Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy shows off some vintage silver planters...

Renovating the Satellite Dish Planter

Renovating the Satellite Dish Planter

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