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The name for the Xeria E-zine is derived from 'xeric' for dry gardening, and 'utopia' meaning a paradise - you can guess from the name the emphasis is on making your own Arid Eden!

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Succulent crafts, planting ideas, how to have a lush garden even without lots of water and much more in a short, readable post can be scanned in a few moments, and give you the opportunity to be inspired and links to more in depth information on the site.

This is where all the important announcements are made; for the Best Succulent Containers Contests, special E-Courses on succulent crafts, winterizing your succulent plants and much more, as well as E-Book releases.

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If you're as fascinated by growing these incredible hardy succulents like Sedum and Sempervivum, and making your garden a haven for migratory songbirds, butterflies and bees, the Xeria E-zine will give you inspiration for building flower gardens, rock walls, courtyards and lots more.

One of my favorite planters; satellite dishes...

You'll also get links to new pages that may be of interest to you in your quest to make your special xeric garden and also see what's trending in gardens around the globe.

Interested in finding out more? Check out the Xeria backissues and see what you're missing!

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