Xeria E-Zine December 2015

Issue #78

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December is a good time to re-evaluate your progress - especially in the garden, while it's sleeping through the long winter months.

Xeria Issue 78 - December 2015

I had a lot of crises this year, ranging from health issues, to the birth of a brand new grandson, Chase.  This event has helped heal the huge loss we suffered in 2014, with the sudden death of our beloved boy, Carsen.

Although we don't expect Chase to take the place of Carsen, we want him to get to know his brother who is no longer with us.

Carsen Thomas Wagenaar

Sometimes, it seems as though there is no end to the trials and tribulations, and then you get news of a breakthrough in science or medicine that will help millions of people suffering from a disease, or sometimes, it's just the sight of a tiny bird in your garden, nothing spectacular, and it makes everything right again.

A hawk soaring overhead may make the little birds flee in fear, but these majestic birds are a welcome sight, and hearing their calls from above the garden on the cliff side is an indication that they're nesting there.

Birds in my Xeric Garden

The garden is my sanctuary, although this year it took a major hit as I was unable to do anything in it due to a flare up of my MS.  I've met an avid gardener who offered her services to get it back on its feet, and I'll be taking her up on it as soon as the ground thaws in the spring. 

It's not that I don't like the wild look, and the garden itself sure doesn't seem to mind.

This is what the ecosystem pond looked like in the summer

Planning the changes to make in your garden is a good winter pastime.  Will you be greeting the butterflies to your flowers with a nectar garden or other garden plants?  Find out which ones are guaranteed to please;

Which is your Favorite Hypertufa Pot?

Curious about the Succulent Plant Business E-Course?  Here is some more information on it;

Coming soon - more garden art tutorials and treasures made from trash but only if you said that you would like more of these kinds of things in the survey.  These will be presented on one of my other sites, and available in January 2016 - watch for it in your inbox!

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