Xeria E-Zine November 2015

Issue #77

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Mid November is when the garden finally goes to bed - the spring flowering bulbs are all planted, the hoses drained and all the water barrels are emptied and covered.

Xeria Issue 77 - November 2015

Now we wait for the soft white blanket of snow that will give the garden some protection from the cold, ensuring that the plants don't get frozen roots. 

There have been years when we'll have a real cold snap with very low temperatures before the snows come, and that can cause major issues with some plants. 

As a bonus, snow can not only protect plants from cold temperature extremes, it can also act as a fertilizer.  Who knew?

Snow as Fertilizer?

Luckily, if you've winterized your succulent crafts and taken any tender ones indoors, there is little for you to do until spring, except dream.  If you live in Canada, I've put together a resource page so you too can purchase all the necessities;

Succulent Resources for Canadians

If a wedding is in your future and you want to use succulents, here's a Guide to the Ultimate Succulent Wedding;

A Guide to the Ultimate Succulent Wedding - Make Yours Stand Out From the Crowd...

And just for something fun, choose which of these Hypertufa Pots is your favorite, and see what that says about you;

Which is your Favorite Hypertufa Pot?

Coming soon - more garden art tutorials and treasures made from trash but only if you said that you would like more of these kinds of things in the survey.  These will be presented on one of my other sites, and available in December 2015 or January 2016 - watch for it in your inbox!

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I have a brand new e-book in the works, to be released soon. 

It's all about one of my favorite topics, xeriscaping, and it will get those who most need it started. 

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