Xeria E-Zine September 2015

Issue #76

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Finally, fall is here.  My poor garden is so stressed; it will need a lot of moisture before it fully recovers.

However, the choices of plants that I've trialed and planted have paid off - there will be no delicate and wimpy plants here!

Xeria Issue 76 - September 2015

With water restrictions in many municipalities it's important to figure out some ways to make that water go as far as possible; there are some ideas here (hint; choosing the right plants makes all the difference);

Drought Smart Strategies; the many ways that plants fight drought; learn how you can help your plants survive...

So what are some good choices of plants?  There are lots of drought tolerant plants to look for, many of them perennial (and the fall is the best time to plant them);

Drought Tolerant Plants

Starting your own seeds of many succulents is the perfect way to get lots more of them; here are some tips to actually collecting the seeds and save lots of money by not buying them;

Save Your Own Succulent Seeds...

With the arrival of fall rains, moss makes a comeback in my garden, and you can bet I'll be using more of this amazing plant both for its resilience and its beauty;

Miniature moss garden - a tiny streambed less than a foot square...

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