Xeria E-Zine August 2015

Issue #75

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I was lucky enough to go on a road trip in July - it was just a short one and only took in one stop, but that was enough.  It netted me some interesting finds to play with.

Xeria Issue 75 - August 2015

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to keep new plants quarantined and your collection clean and bug free, fungus gnats emerge from whereever they hide. 

They are one of the most often found pests in any collection of plants and succulents are no exception.  What do you do about them?

Got gnats on your succulent plants?  Get rid of them, now...

Fall is approaching, and often, this is when your garden starts to lose momentum. 

But it doesn't have to! 

There are lots of plants that thrive and bloom in the cooler weather - not to mention turn color to lovely brilliant shades of rust, red, yellow and gold.  Here are a few of the ones that do exceptionally well in the drought conditions in my garden;

Fall Garden Plants

Plan for next year - get some great container garden ideas here;

Container Garden Ideas

Your idea for a micro business is right there in the front of your mind; will it consist of making fairy gardens to sell? or growing cactus that you'll market online?  The possibilities are endless!

Start your own micro business

Whatever form your garden takes, make it simple, unique and preferably water conscious. And above all, have fun with it.

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