Xeria E-Zine July 2015

Issue #74

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It's hot!  There are days in a row that are hitting the high 20's (if you're in metric) or in the 80's (if you're not).

Xeria Issue 74 - July 2015

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I'm all for summer as long as there is some shade somewhere, that I can get out of the sun.  Climate change is not going away.

However, it will end, as summers always do, and then we'll have to look at bringing some of those gorgeous happy plants indoors.  Think about getting your grow lights set up before you really need to.

Grow Lights

While you're at it, you may want to get into some different plants too, like some of the fascinating airplant - watch out though, these are just as addictive as other succulents, and soon you may find yourself collecting them too;


or find some more succulents to add to your collection. 

There are some for every taste, whether you love the look of the chubby leaves of Echeveria, or the warty stems of some Euphorbia.  They are amazing in their variety. 

Buy more succulents for your obsession (er, collection)

The trend for building miniature landscapes and fairy gardens isn't going away; there are lots of different looks to aim for, and here are some ideas for fairy garden furniture;

Fairy Garden Furniture

I am always looking out for more books (yes, the real thing!) for my horticultural library.  There are lots out there!

Browse here for books...

There's never a dull moment around here, and I'm always finding something interesting to look at.  That must be why I've started two new websites bringing the number up to six.  They are all on gardening, or photography, or both combined. 

Now for some news;

I'm selling this site, so the new owners most likely won't continue this E-zine - but don't worry!

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