Xeria E-Zine June 2015

Issue #73

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This month is flying by - I can't believe how the days just race along and I don't seem to have much to show for it.  I've been revisiting some of my pages from last year - no, they're not out of date, they're a fun read.

Xeria Issue 73 - June 2015

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The month of June is typically all about weddings; I can see why!  The weather is fabulous for a garden wedding, and if it's got some country theme or other, all the better.

Planning a garden wedding?  Make it rustic!

Other gardening pages for those that are interested, are here;

Fairy gardens and miniature landscapes are a ton of fun, especially for a mother/daughter project.  Here are some ideas for exactly that;

Build a Fairy Garden with a loved one...

There are oodles of Sedum, many of them surprisingly hardy.  I've been astonished at the abuse they'll take, and keep coming back for more.

Sedum has lots of common names...

Beginner succulent growers often wonder which kinds of succulent plants would be easy to grow (and hard to kill!).  Here's my list of reliable and tough options (that are also easy to find in garden centers, florists and online).

If you're just starting out, these are some good options of succulent plants to start with...

Until next time, stay cool and don't fuss over your plants too much - many of them have the ability to go dormant during hot spells.

Now for some news;

I'm selling this site, so the new owners most likely won't continue this E-zine - but don't worry!

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