Xeria E-Zine April 2015

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The swallows are back, and the hummingbirds.  Soon, all the warblers will make their way to their nesting habitat.  I'm ready! 

Seeing the spring flowering bulbs start to bloom is enough to make you giddy.  The Tete a Tete daffodils, and their larger cousins Jetfire are a welcome sight.

Xeria Issue 71 -April 2015

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Butterflies are out in droves as the sun warms their hibernating spots.  Once the weather is settled and sunny they flutter around basking on anything they can find. 

I've found that the young willows are their favorite things, although there are some smaller clump maples that tend to bleed sap, which attracts them to sip on the sweetness.

April is a good month for starting some willow cuttings

Books about gardening and landscaping are always a hit for my birthday in January. 

It sometimes takes a while to get through them, but if Aprils weather is a bit chancy, here's the time to set a spell and read and dream.  The pictures are the most appealing in some of them.

Books in my Library about gardens, plants and landscaping

One of my most popular projects has been the Succulent Sphere.  If you can only make one beautiful garden accent this year, make a globe - you can buy the supplies online to get going soon.

Gorgeous, lush and easy, succulents make great wedding flowers...

There are many different ways to design and plant a kitchen garden, but none are more appealing to our sense of order like a Potager Garden, with neatly defined walkways and beds outlined in box or other small hedges.  Is this your style?

Kitchen gardens never looked so good...

Get out in the garden, and go to your blissful spot; feeling the sun warm on your back, or just enjoying the birds singing as they go through their courtship rituals; all's right with the world when you're in your garden paradise, no matter how small.  Make it beautiful!

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