Xeria E-Zine March 2015

Finally, spring appears to be here.  I've heard a robin, Turdus turda (yes I know, funny name!) but seen no other migratory birds yet.  They'll come, and I'll be ready. 

By that time, the ice will be off the pond (their favorite bathing place) and the nest boxes will be cleaned out and a supply of dog hair, short lengths of string and other nest building supplies will be accessible for them.

Xeria Issue 70 - March 2015

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Other things that start happening in the garden are bulbs emerging - this is so exciting to see.  Their little green noses poke out, and every time there is a frost, which is often until the weather settles, they go dormant again until the next warm day. 

You'll see some insects too as the warmth reaches them in their hibernation, even early appearing butterflies.  The ones I am most likely to see first thing are those that hibernate in adult form; American Painted Ladies and Mourning Cloaks.

Flowering bulbs will start to show this month...

If you've seeded some seeds using the winter sow method, make sure you check them; if they've germinated and are showing some tiny flecks of green, take the cover off on warm days - particularly if they're in the sun.  The heat and additional condensation dripping on them can cause damping off, especially if there is any organic matter incorporated into the soil.

Getting ready to winter sow

Gorgeous, lush and easy, succulents make great wedding flowers...

Are you planning a wedding this year?  The trend of using succulents for wedding flowers seems to show no signs of abating, which is a great thing!  Here are a couple of pages that you may find interesting, as you research the best kinds of succulents to use; A Guide to the Ultimate Succulent Wedding.  You'll find lots of ideas, with links to some products that I've put together to help you.  These are things that I've been asked about, such as how to find them to order online.

Beautiful succulent pictures - purchase yours now...

And finally, if you've got a blog, or just like to share pictures on social media, the succulent pictures page is a resource I've put together for exactly that reason.  No need to give attribution or a link back to this site, these have no copyright requirement.

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