Xeria E-Zine February 2015

Sad, yet hopeful

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February is a difficult month to get through.  It's always been that last bastion of winter for me, with dreary days that just never seem to end, snow storms, and seemingly endless cold.

Xeria Issue 69 - February 2015

Road trips in the winter are horrible - generally necessitating driving at night, with bad visibility and poor road conditions.  This one went surprisingly well, but I'm glad it's over.  The visit to a specialist means that I can no longer avoid taking medication for my MS, but if it gives me some more time to do what I love most (gardening and tinkering with my rustic crafts) then I have to accept that.

The good side of road trips at any time of the year is that you can note Mother Natures planting guide for the areas along the way. 

Pay particular attention to how she places each plant with the exact right spacing around it for the best growth, and how each plant is also given exactly the right conditions for it.  Or is it that each different habitat evolves to be a perfect eco-system?  Either way, it's fascinating.

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One part of my garden that will be getting some attention is the Carsen Andrew Memorial Garden - it's been a year since we lost our little grandson, but the pain is diminishing; as they always say - time heals all wounds.

Marble slabs await...The marble slabs wait in a snowbank

An unexpected gift from a family member, large slabs of a beautiful pink and grey marble, means that I can finish the rill (for those that don't have a clue what that is, it's a drainage channel designed to be both decorative and useful).  Now we wait for the snow to melt...

Cheery and simple, the joy of a spring planter takes the edge off the winter blues.  This little planter has primroses and some flowering bulbs, just the thing. 

Bright light in a window, and the occasional drink will keep this little collection of flowers blooming in turn, until eventually, spring will be here and it can go outside for the bulbs to ripen and be transplanted into a permanent spot in the garden.

Spring can be a subtle thing, bringing color changes to the tiny leaves of Sedum album Faro Form, the scent of earth starting to warm, or the chirping of birds in the trees; these small miracles are something to look forward to; anticipate the joy!  It won't be long now.

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    Stay Tuned!

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