Xeria E-Zine January 2015

The turning of a new leaf...

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What is your new years resolution for 2015?  I usually don't have any because I'm always just winging it, and flying by the seat of my pants.  That will never change, I'm sure.

Xeria Issue 68 - January 2015

Bracken is my companion and therapy dog, and seems to enjoy the snow and cold, but occasionally he'll be caught snoozing in the sunshine dreaming of spring...

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There are some things I enjoy about winter too, and I try and see the good side of it.  For example, did you know that snow is actually a good source of Nitrogen, a natural fertilizer?  It collects it from the air as it falls, and then in the spring when the plants need it most, there is is in the snowmelt.

This time of year it almost appears that the garden is dead, but it's not.  It's just dormant.  The plants that thrive in droughty conditions often have the ability to go to sleep, and when better to do that but during the cold winter months?

Winter is also when the rest of the garden sleeps too.  They colors are much more subtle, and there is beauty in seed pods, the flight of tiny birds visiting for the seeds, and the footprints in the snow as evidence of visitors.

The ice on the pond hides a secret - there is a lot of life going on in there even if it's in hibernation; the spring peepers, salamanders and dragonfly larvae are asleep safe in the mud on the bottom.

So take heart - the garden is just resting, waiting to burst forth with all that stored energy when spring arrives.

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