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Surprising things I have learned...

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A few weeks ago I sent out a special mailing to ask for your input on what direction to take with this site. 

The surprising thing isn't so much that so many responded, but that many people asked for more information on topics that I've already written about.  Either the pages aren't detailed enough, or people aren't finding them.  I'm thinking the latter...

Xeria Issue 67 - December 2014

So here's a quick tutorial on how to find things on this site.  If you've used a search engine (such as Google or Bing) then you know how it works. 

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You type in some keywords of the information you're seeking, and wham!  The magical engine finds pages on the world wide web that have those keywords in. 

Search by keyword...

If you look at the top of pretty much every page of this site there is a custom search engine that does exactly the same thing, only it's restricted to pages on the site only.  Type in a few words about the topic you're interested in (in this example, the search was for 'xeriscaping'), and see what happens. 

Look at all those results!

You will end up on a different page of the site, with a list of results so you can find pages that might not be easy to find. In this case, the search brought back over 500 results for that term!  That's a lot of information, right at your fingertips.

An Exciting Announcement;

Then there is the other surprise, and it's prompted me to take things to the next level. 

There is so much interest in succulents and making the fun crafts that I get such a kick out of that I'm encouraging all those that might be thinking of a career change to find out how to go about setting up their own succulent plant business. 

I'm doing deep here, and it's going to be something that those serious about the industry and how to profit from their passion.  This is more than just building a quick website or a Facebook page; it's a whole manual on how to get started and be successful with this fascinating niche. 

Even those of us that are supremely shy and retiring can start this kind of business - in fact, it's ideal for those who are creative and love to work solo and at their own pace.

Watch for more announcements as I pull together all my knowledge and experience and also that of other successful nursery owners, past and present to give you a full overview of getting set up and succeeding in your very own business doing something you love.

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Eager to start your own succulent plant business? 

Profit from your passion...

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Happy Holidays to all...

See you next year - until then, stay warm.

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