Xeria E-Zine Issue 64

September 2014

Xeria Issue 64 - September 2014

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With the cooler weather, and kids back in school (unless you're in British Columbia where the teachers are on strike), everyone heaves a sigh of relief.  Much as we all love having the kids buzzing around with all their energy in the nice warm weather, it's easy to feel like you haven't had a moment to yourself.

Xeria E-Zine


Fall is a great time to get some crafting done; the weather is perfect for hypertufa and it will have plenty of time to cure before the frost and snow arrives (perish the thought). 

All you need is an area under cover from rain to work in, and the pots once finished, won't care if they're outside.

Even a table under the overhang of the eaves can be ample space to create your next masterpiece.

Xeriscaping - with succulents

Fall is also a good time to plant; hardy succulents thrive and deepen in color as the day length shortens, and the nights are cooler.  They have time to establish themselves and grow good root systems, if you follow a few guidelines.  Buy the e-book for all the right information;

Miniature Landscaping

There are a lot of different ways to create miniature landscapes; you can put a little door on a tree, and make a gnome garden, or grow tiny plants in a perfect fairy garden in a big pot.  It helps to have lots of diminutive tools and furniture too.

Bird houses that look like little houses, stones arranged to resemble a castle ruin, or even bonsai trees pruned and trained to look ancient and rugged; we've been fascinated with small scale gardens for ages.  Start yours today!

It's a Celebration!

This month marks five years for this website, and I would like to share my excitement with you.  I'm giving away five Succulent Crafts E-Courses FREE - click here to find out how to get yours.

Want your succulents to survive the winter?  Learn how to bring them indoors and be happy and healthy with this free e-course;  Fill in your name and email address on the form below to enroll!

Winterizing Succulents E-Course

Winterizing Succulents E-Course - click here to sign up...

How can I keep my Succulents happy for the winter? Find out here!

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