Very strange looking succulent plants

by Leonardo Rivier
(MDC, Honduras)

The psycho plant

The psycho plant

The psycho plant
The psycho plant (2)
little Agave

I have just discovered two different succulents in my backyard. I extracted and planted them, and both are doing great so far:

1) The tiny one, looks very much like an Agave Americana, but with no spikes or teeth at all, that confuses me :(

2)THE OTHER ONE is again, like an Agave Americana, mixed with a purple Tiger aloe????? Oh and this one does have indentation! It's like a fretsaw, and it cut me BAD while extracting it.
This one is giving me a serious headache.

Any ideas? It'd be very much appreciated


Drought Smart Plants reply;
Oh dear, a headache? I recommend some aspirin, and a couple of bandaids!

I'm not sure of your psycho plant - really strange looking thing. If it has very sharp spikes at the end of each leaf, it definitely would be an Agave, but I'm not an expert in those at all.

The little 'Agave' looks like a smaller specimen of Sanseveria sometimes called 'mother-in-laws tongue', which could explain why it has no armament (thorns) If it is a Sanseveria it's likely to be Sanseveria 'Golden Hahnii' and could potentially stay relatively small for many years. These are reliable, easy care succulents, valued for their structure and spiky foliage.

Happy Succulent Gardening!

I recommend doing a search for Agave on Daves Garden Website - you'll get results of lots of images to scroll through - I hope you're not on dial up internet!

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Nov 24, 2011
by: Leonardo R.

Hi Jacki

Yes! The little fellow is a Sansevieria! Thank you very much I'd never have guessed that :)

The other one, yes, it must be an agave, it has big thorns at the ends... Very strange indeed, it looks like two plants merging into each other.

Your knowledge and fast response truly amaze me, thank you very much!


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