Upright, round purple-green leaves

Upright, round, waxy leaves growing from one stem. Leaves have purple tinge around the edges.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

This appears to be some type of Kalanchoe - there are many to choose from in garden centers, box stores and florists, so I'm not sure exactly which one this is.

Many have scalloped edges to the leaves, some more so than others, and some species have a mealy white powder coating the stem and the leaves to a lesser extent.

Most prefer to have a period of drying out between thorough waterings, and they all prefer bright light.

With luck, your plant may bloom and it will be easier to identify it.

If it grows out of bounds and gets too tall, simply remove the top few tiers of leaves and allow the stem end to dry out, then stick it into some sterilized potting soil - the best type is either regular potting soil mixed with pumice or perlite or other gravel, or soilless mix especially for cactus, which will suit it just fine.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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