Succulent Swap

Trade your Plants, Seeds or Cuttings

Swap succulent plants or cuttings from your collection in exchange for ones from mine or other succulent addicts. Do you have your succulent plant collection yet? Here’s a way to get more plants cheap for the price of postage with a succulent plant swap.

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Trade with me:

I’ll accept your cuttings of any succulent plant, tender (not hardy) or the hardy ones like Sedum and Sempervivum, even if you don't know what they are, in exchange for your choice of varieties, either cuttings or small plantlets that I have available, from my collection.

How to Start your Swap

Check the pages of succulent plants on this website and see what you would like. Please list several options in case I am out of stock.

Here are the pages to look at:




The Next Step in your Swap

Let me know what you have to send in your exchange, and what you would like to receive.

How to Package your Swap

Here are instructions for taking the cuttings and packaging them for shipping.

Stem cuttings: These are best done with a razor blade or scalpel, not scissors or pruners which can crush the stem. Try and get a cutting which has four to eight leaves, depending on the size of the plant. Leave these in the open air to dry and callous. Package them in a DRY paper towel and a plastic bag immediately before shipping. Do not wet them!

Leaf cuttings: remove one or more leaves by pulling them sideways off the stem. They won’t root if they are torn off too high up. Sometimes you have to slightly twist to remove the leaf. Plants that will root from leaf cuttings are Echeveria and other similar plants. Package as above.

Succulent Swap Leaf Cuttings

Pups: Some plants such as Aloe make new baby plants right alongside the mother plant. You can remove some of the soil around the stem and cut the pup off as low down as possible. Hopefully, you will get some of the very lowest stem which will have tiny white bumps. Even if you don’t get these, they will most likely root.

Package these by putting a small piece of very slightly dampened paper towel around the bottom, place in a plastic bag immediately before shipping.

Shipping Succulents for Wedding Favors

Sempervivum Wedding Favors

Most plants that are at all succulent are shipped nearly completely dried out.

This is because they tend to etiolate or keep growing, only with really pale growth in shipment if they aren't forced into dormancy by drying them out.

This pale growth will sunburn at your end, or worse, go rotten, causing no end of trouble.

I have developed a system of drying the plants out perfectly before shipment, which is so important in the case of succulent favors for weddings.

They arrive in perfect shape, needing only some bright light and a drink of warm water to perk them up.

Shipping plants for wedding flowers is an entirely different ball game than swapping or trading plants, as the recipients of succulents for their wedding favors might not be gardeners, so it's important to make it easy to have the 'flowers' in perfect condition for their big day.

In the past, I've had people buy their plants somewhere else, then beg me to tell them how to ship them safely. I can't really advise on this because of all the nuances and difficulties of each different type of plant.

Sharing my trade secrets wouldn't be good for business; thank you for understanding.

See more about using succulents for wedding flowers in the Succulent Wedding Gallery.

Ship your Swap to me at

Blue Fox Farm

P.O. Box 596

Grand Forks, B.C. V0H 1H0

When you ship your swap, please contact me me to alert me to check the mail box, as sometimes I go a few days between.

Care of Your Swap In reverse, prior to receiving your exchange of succulents, make sure you have a variety of sizes of plastic pots, and if you like, some clay pots, and also potting soil.

For tender succulents I use strictly Sunshine Mix #4, as this has extra aggregate for drainage. You can also use a soil specifically for cactus as this has lots of drainage material. Don’t use regular peat or manure based soil, or garden soil.

You won’t succeed in rooting the cuttings, and even established (rooted) succulent plants won’t succeed in that type of soil.

See more about succulent soil here.

When you receive your succulent swap, decide which size pot to use by relating it to the size of the cutting. Don’t use a huge pot for a small leaf cutting.

Pot up any that have roots already in dry Sunshine Mix or bagged cactus soil with added small gravel, but don’t water until they have adjusted to their new home.

If you get leaf cuttings, leave them on the surface of the dry soil until tiny pink roots show. I know, it sounds counter intuitive, but if you water too soon there is a risk of rot setting in. Be patient, it can take a few weeks until you see roots.

Due to the climate where I am (Zone 5a) and the fact that the weather deteriorates around the end of September I won't be able to ship after that time. Shipping will start again in mid April, so get your requests in early!

Please note, this swap is for Canadian customers only, as there are restrictions on shipping between countries - sorry!

If you're not in Canada don't panic yet! You can add your swap to the form below and meet other trading partners closer to you that you can exchange your succulents with.

Do you have too many Succulents? Wanna Trade? Or start your collection?

Find other 'Swappers' here - tell us about your collection, and what you have to trade, and list a few things you want in return, or if you are just starting out, many succulent addicts are glad to share.

Include your COUNTRY OR REGION, so those close to you can respond.

Do not post your email address live - use this format only; you (at) so as not to get spammed.

Tell us about your Swap

Swap your Succulents here;

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