succulent plant with purplish ting

by Judy
(Perth Ont Canada)

I just bought this 11" high succulent plants, leaves up to 2" length, stem and part of leaves have purplish color.

one main thick stock which then branches into three stems about 2 inches up from soil. Leaves are very thick and rubbery.

I have no idea what it is called. indoor plant

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Apr 04, 2015
Picture is blurry
by: Jacki

I'm not sure what this could be Judy. Is that a spike sticking up? Without closer and clearer pictures it's impossible to say. Sorry!

Apr 04, 2015
Unknown succulent
by: Paul

I have one of these. It's a Senecio crassissimus. The leaves resemble snap-peas, and the stalk is purplish in colour.

Apr 05, 2015
Senico chassis simul
by: Judy

Thank you yes this is the proper name. Now that I know the name I can find how to properly care for it.

Apr 05, 2015
That's got to be autocorrect...
by: Jacki

I laughed when I saw your comment, Judy!

Feb 26, 2016
another kind of Senecio
by: pats

it is now 2016, bless the internet, it doesn't get rid of anything. I have this plant or one that looks a lot like it but mine has flat shiney leaves, not the fat succulent leaves like a Senecio crassissimus. Mine is tall,upright, with several stocks and several but not all stocks are lopping over. I got it from a friend who said it needs little water but I don't want to under water it either and does it need fertilizer?

Feb 26, 2016
Senecio Care
by: Jacki

Senecio as a rule don't require much fertilizer - any of these plants really don't like overfeeding. Just give it a tiny amount a couple of times in the growing season - never when they're dormant.

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