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Many box stores and chain stores carry unidentified succulent plants which just seem to leap into your shopping cart and beg for a new home.

Succulent Identification - important?  Oh yeah!

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I can't resist them!

Getting them home and finding a new spot in your garden display or houseplant collection is the easy part - after a quarantine period in case of pests.

Finding their name and any information on them is almost impossible.

Succulent swaps are another way you may get new and unusual plants, or you may even have a 'legacy plant' which is handed down through your family.

Three of the most popular legacy or 'friendship plants';

  • Hoya, which goes by the common name of Wax Flower,because that's what the flowers look like they're made of.

Many people start with just a couple of the little plants commonly sold in supermarkets or corner stores, then have so much success with them, pretty soon they're picking them up all over.

The more you have, the more you want - in a good way, and luckily, these plants are easily propagated so you can feel confident that you can root your own succulents when someone offers you a cutting off their plant.

Some characteristics to look for;

  • Type of stem - woody, fleshy, slender or thick?
  • What are the leaves like - what shape, what are the margins like (toothed, scalloped, smooth)?
  • Does the plant grow as a single rosette, or lots of stems together?
  • How are the leaves attached to the stem - with a petiole, or stem?  Or clasping the stem?

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Identifying your mystery succulent plants will aid in finding out how to care for them and provide their preferred conditions.

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Chubby, sleek, prickly, speckled, spotted, drought tolerant, fascinating and beautiful...

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small cactus 
cactus small in 4inch pot with purplish flowers less than 2" high, indoor plant

Couldn't find these guys in the Unidentifieds yet... 
I'm not sure what these ones are...please help! Is B a type of crassula? Also, there's a big hole in one of the leaves (plant on the right, leaf would …

Bridal Shower gift 
Three or four stalks of thick, waxy, pointy leaves.

Have No Idea What These Are... 
Hi, I bought a bunch of plants on a whim, but don't know what they are. They don't seem to be doing very well, and I want to make sure I'm taking care …

Thick and Fleshy Bright green Plant 
I's bright green almost Florescent, very beautiful plant, almost looks fake because of it's color and I found it at Walmart and I had to buy it. I do not …

Unknown Succulent? 
Bought for me at a flea market with no tags. It's currently 2-3 inches tall, with a straight stalk. It's bright green, with fleshy leaves. New leaves have …

Need help identifying three succulents for determination of safety around pets 
Hello, I received this beautiful pot of succulents as a gift and have no experience with them. The plants have done great outside all spring and summer. …

Unknown (probably) succulent! 
This green plant has long, thin stems with flat, smooth-edged leaves attached. There appears to be thin, tan stringy hairs coming from the plant, also. …

A little star shaped Pod 
We recently bought a bunch of succulents but this little star shaped pod was a last minute buy and we forgot to ask what it was called! It was grown in …

Unidentified Cactus.. (I think it is a cactus..) 
Tubular thick body with several "stems" out of same base, fleshy leaves, dark green, multiple apical buds growing simultaneously from tip. Spines on base …

Succulent growing wild?  
This plant is growing wild around my house. In rocks and everywhere. It's not too warm here so I'm not sure if it's a succulent. But the leaves are …

Grows like crazy, easy to split and replant 
It is a tall plant, upwards of a foot and a half. Greyish green in color, leaves shaped just like string beans. Grows straight up.

Unknown Succulent 
It has fleshy, somewhat pointed leaves. Light, bright green.

A tiny plant growing from a dry rocky trail  
I found this plant at the side of a bone-dry, rock-hard hiking trail on a ridge here in the Easy Bay hill near San Francisco. The individual leaves are …

Succulent Identification Archive 1 
I'm not sure if these plants here are echeveria or agave or something else. They don't need much water - maybe once a week - and they are in the shade …

Succulent Identification Archive 3 
All the tag said was "Rainbow Pack 2.5 inches". I really just want to know the name of this little plant (if it has one) and if it's toxic to pets and …

Succulent tree with green flower like clusters. 
The leaves of this succulent look like echeveria, but may not be. The green florette whorls are atop woody, scaly stems. This plant has lost most of its …

Tibetan Succulent 
Flat leaves, diamond shape, layered Unique "flowers" that look like mini green houses Hi Rita, someone else asked me about these same plants - and …

Green plant with white stripes on the outer side 
Green long leaves with what appears to be white or pink strip on the outerside and kind of reminds me of a star at first glance This reminds me a bit …

Succulent Identification Archive 6 
This plant looks like string beans and almost like a pencil cactus - what is it?

Dark green spots on leaves. Bulbous lower stem, near the roots. 
It is a small plant. White layer on surface of leaves gives an impression of green spots. Dark green and a mixture of purple on lower leaves. Bulbous lower …

Succulent Identification Archive 2 
I live on the 11th floor south west facing in a suburb of Vancouver. Do I leave this succulent planter out on my deck for the winter? Or do I take …

Heart shaped variegated leaves tiny red flowers 
Hanging plant that has grown to about three feet in length. It has light green variegated leaves and has sprouted tiny red flowers all summer. Hi …

waxy hard leaf... 
mom received 8 plants for her 90th birthday. two of which i cannot identity. waxy hard leaf may be like snake plant another plant don't think is …

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