Succulent Plant Identification

Need Help Identifying Your Succulents?
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Many box stores and chain stores carry unidentified succulent plants which just seem to leap into your shopping cart and beg for a new home.

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I can't resist them!

Getting them home and finding a new spot in your garden display or houseplant collection is the easy part - after a quarantine period in case of pests.

Finding their name and any information on them is almost impossible.

Succulent swaps are another way you may get new and unusual plants, or you may even have a 'legacy plant' which is handed down through your family.

Three of the most popular legacy or 'friendship plants' are

  • Hoya, which goes by the common name of Wax Flower,because that's what the flowers look like they're made of.
Succulent Identification - important?  Oh yeah!

Many people start with just a couple of the little plants commonly sold in supermarkets or corner stores, then have so much success with them, pretty soon they're picking them up all over.

The more you have, the more you want - in a good way, and luckily, these plants are easily propagated so you can feel confident that you can root your own succulents when someone offers you a cutting off their plant.

Identifying your mystery succulent plants will aid in finding out how to care for them and provide their preferred conditions.

Check in the right column to see if you can find a similar one there, or check on the Succulent Identification Chart.

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Chubby, sleek, prickly, speckled, spotted, drought tolerant, fascinating and beautiful...

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check again

The Horticulturist is back and ready to answer your questions about your succulent plants.  Please feel free to post your pictures, and if you have time, scroll through the archives to check there.

Do you have an unidentified Succulent Plant?

Ask here for help identifying any mystery succulent plant in your collection. Please upload up to four pictures so I can clearly see what your succulent plant looks like.

Note: it's impossible to identify a plant from a description; send pictures!

Click on the question marks beside each item for clear instructions and tips.

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Succulent Identification Archive 1 
5-point tiny white waxy flowers with almost bugle-weed type foliage, low growing ground cover. Hi Erin, this looks to be Sedum acre, but those aren't …

Tibetan Succulent 
i found this on the internet and thought was beautiful. i'd love to add this to my succulent collection :) any help is appreciated I don't know exactly …

Succulent Identification Archive 2 
Low growing..........8 in. high spiky leaves.....mostly purple with some green. Looks something like an agave. Hi Joe, if it's an Agave , you'll know …

Bilbergia Queens Tears 
Clumping plant that surprises me when it blooms. The blossoms are pink, green, yellow, and blue! What can it be? Hi Ann, this gorgeous creature is …

Succulent Identification Archive 3 
It has long drooping arms that look like a zipper. Much to my surprise, I found these large fragrant blooms this morning. I have had this plant for years …

Succulent Identification Archive 5 
I have no idea how to describe this, but the picture will do it for me, I hope! Hi Kathleen, this is some kind of Crassula, most likely Crassula perforata, …

Succulent Identification Archive 4 
The succulent has a thick stem with large fleshy leaves. Each leaf has tiny nodules that are sprouting stems and are plantable. What is it? Hi Jen, …

Succulents from Egypt 
it says here : "There are a number of variegated selections, the most popular possibly being 'Gold Sword' which has stripes of gold variegation down …

Succulent Identification Archive 6 
This is a hanging vine-like plant that I believe to be a succulent. The vines are about 4 feet long with small (1 inch) cigar shaped "leaves". Ever …

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